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Tiki Drinks

Bumbling Fool*

Flor De Caña & Pussers Rum, guava, citrus, coconut finish 

Cheeky Monkey*

Selva Rey Chocolate Rum, banana, with hints of fruit


Jungle Bird

Myers Dark Rum, Campari, with a citrus finish


Lolo Ono*

Featuring Rumhaven Coconut Rum and Smith & Cross for a funky Jamaican kick

Mai Tai

Plantation 3 Stars, Appleton Signature, orange, orgeat, citrus

Navy Grog

A blend of three rums, allspice, and citrus

Pain Killer

Pussers Rum, coconut, pineapple, orange 


Let the tradewinds take you to a rum filled paradise with apricot and coconut dreams

Zombie (max 2)

LaniKai’s cinnamon infused zombie blend of rums, with sweet notes and aromatics

Scorpion Bowl (2-4 People)

The classic tiki rum punch

Tiki Bobcat Bowl (2-4 People)

Tiki punch with a Texas twist. Tequila based, fruity, and tart

*LaniKai Originals

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